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free shipping this Week On orders over $55

About beWord·ee

At beWordee Tees & Apparel, we don't just sell apparel; we sell statement pieces. We don't think people engage in nearly enough self-love and self-care these days, and we're doing what we can to help change that. Our clothing uses simple words, phrases and images as affirmations to bring a little positivity into the world.

When you wear beWordee clothes, you're telling everyone you're not ashamed to love yourself for who you are, and that you won't bend to the will of the world. And, you're encouraging everyone who see you to "beBold," "beAmazing," "beHappy," and "beYourself," too. After all, positive change starts with a positive mindset!

We want everyone to be comfortable - in their skin and in their clothes - so we encourage customers to give us feedback about our products. We often add new pieces to our inventory, and we love to get your input so our next round of clothes can have something perfect for you! Wear clothing that speaks for itself, so that you can make a statement even on days you can't find the words to express it yourself! Make your statement. Be wordy.....beWordee! ✌🏽

Welcome to beWordee Tees & Apparel!